Why Choose Attorney Mediator Julie Ernst at Agree To Divorce?

Traditional divorce litigation can be a runaway train in attorney's fees and fighting with no guarantee of the outcome. Agree to Divorce is a peaceful solution for individuals and couples who want to get divorced without dissipating assets to pay for lawyers to fight in court. If you want a smarter, more strategic way to get divorced, without scarring your family, Attorney Mediator Julie Ernst has you covered.

Learn everything you need to know about the divorce topics that matter to you. Make decisions in a thoughtful way that makes sense for your new future, without destroying your family and all you've worked so hard to achieve.  Julie Ernst will hold your hand the entire way, using her two and a half decades of experience.  Education, planning, document preparation and filing, advice, mediation coaching.  Get the services you need individually or with your spouse.  Julie Ernst will help you through any glitches that arise, so your divorce is granted with terms that make sense for you. 

Whether you are just considering your divorce and haven't talked to your spouse about it yet, you've made the decision and are ready to file, or you are on the litigation train and want to slow down or get off, reach out to someone who can guide you through the maze.  Wouldn't it be nice to be in control and do the right thing?  

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             Attorney Mediator Julie Ernst: Recently a neighbor at my swim/tennis approached me. I mediated her divorce at the courthouse with her, her husband and both of their attorneys present. Having mediated thousands of divorces, it's not unusual for me to run into clients this way. Her case settled at mediation, as over 90% of divorce cases do. What she said stuck in my head. She said she was angry because she spent $35,000 on attorney’s fees and settled at mediation for the same as what she would have settled for before hiring a lawyer. The worst part? It was $35,000 she didn't have. She borrowed the money. Money she had planned to borrow for her son's college. And now she can't help him. This neighbor is not rich. We live in a nice subdivision, but not extravagant. I kept thinking, why is it necessary to spend so much on a divorce and create animosity between people who will spend the rest of their lives running into each other at graduations, weddings, religious ceremonies, and family events? The answer is, it isn't. 

Whether you and your spouse already agree to an uncontested divorce, or you need help reaching agreement, Divorce Attorney & Mediator Julie Ernst can help you get divorced without damaging your children or your wallet. She has assisted thousands of traditional and same-sex couples throughout Georgia for over 20 years. She’s been through it herself. She provides quality and affordability for busy people. 

Located in Peachtree Corners, Norcross, in Gwinnett County, and Atlanta, in Fulton County, appointments with Attorney Mediator Julie Ernst can be over the phone or via live video, allowing her to work with individuals and couples throughout Georgia.