Why Choose Georgia Flat Fee Uncontested Divorce or Divorce Mediation?

Save time, money and stress. Our flat fee uncontested divorces start at $299 without children and $499 with minor children. In most cases, clients never set foot in the courthouse and receive their Georgia divorce decree in about six weeks. Initial questions are answered at no charge. Clients choose whether they want to provide information online, have a phone consultation, or come to the office. 

To start your Georgia flat fee uncontested divorce or ask questions, visit our Get Started/Ask Questions Page:

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For those who need help agreeing on parenting time, support, asset and debt division, Attorney Ernst offers mediation services so couples can resolve their contested case, or proceed with uncontested divorce

Whether you and your spouse already agree to divorce, or you need help reaching agreement, Family Lawyer and Mediator Julie Ernst-Fortin can help you get divorced quickly and economically. She has assisted thousands of traditional and same-sex couples throughout Georgia for over 20 years. She provides quality at affordable rates for busy people on a budget. 

Located in Peachtree Corners, Norcross, in Gwinnett County, and Atlanta, in Fulton County, we understand some clients feel more comfortable meeting in-person with a lawyer, while others prefer the convenience of handling their divorce remotely through email or fax, phone and mail.