Most of our uncontested divorces cost $299 without children, and $499 with minor children. Georgia requires more paperwork when a couple has minor children and therefore takes more attorney time. Complex cases with several special issues, such as multiple pieces of real estate, businesses, retirement and pension transfers, lump sum or periodic alimony, extensive debt, tax liability, college or special need expenses, as well as others, may cost more. To inquire about an uncontested divorce for your situation, visit our Get Started/Ask Questions page.

The court's fee to file the divorce is not included in Julie Ernst-Fortin's fee to handle the uncontested divorce. Court costs vary by county and are usually about $225. Some counties have efiling which speed the divorce process. If you have minor children, many counties require you to attend a seminar for divorcing parents. Even though online seminars state they are accepted by the courts, some judges require you take the class at the courthouse where the case is filed.   

Mediation fees are charged by the hour and vary depending on whether mediation is coordinated through the court system, attorneys, or privately. To schedule an appointment or get more information about divorce mediation, visit our Get Started/Ask Questions page.