Fast Flat Fee Uncontested Divorce

When you hire Julie Ernst, you get exclusive access to hours of videos and worksheets covering everything you need to know from a Georgia lawyer who’s been practicing of over two decades. Insider information covers preparing for divorce, mechanics of divorce, explanation of all divorce paperwork, how to calculate child support and alimony, custody and parenting time thoroughly explained with parenting time schedules, how to divide real estate, dividing or protecting retirement/stock options, taxes (including child exemptions, mortgage interest deductions), attorneys fees, debts, business interests, and much more. You even get a marital balance sheet you can use to determine the most advantageous way to divide assets and debts. Watch only the videos that apply to you. Use the resources with your spouse or to learn on your own. To start working with Divorce Attorney & Mediator Julie Ernst or ask questions, click on Get Started/Ask Questions:

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Save time, money and stress by selecting an affordable, fast flat fee arrangement.  Complex cases with several special issues, such as multiple pieces of real estate, businesses, retirement and pension transfers, lump sum or periodic alimony, extensive debt, tax liability, college or special need expenses, as well as those with children, cost more when you are paying by the hour. To inquire about fees for your situation, visit our Get Started/Ask Questions page.

Court costs vary by county and are usually about $225-$275. Some counties have efiling which speed the divorce process. If you have minor children, many counties require you to attend a seminar for divorcing parents. Even though online seminars state they are accepted by the courts, some judges require you take the class at the courthouse where the case is filed.   

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