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Change Your Thinking & Your Life Will Change

Divorce brings so many changes. Financial challenges. Relationships redefined. Being a single parent. Starting a career. Dating. Learning to stand confidently on your own. Finding your own worth.

Having helped hundreds chart and navigate a new path after divorce, and having done it herself, Life Coach Julie Ernst coaches clients to achieve goals, resolve the past and move forward. She's seen what works and what doesn't. She's been through it herself.

Formally trained as a life coach, with a Certification in Positive Psychology, Julie Ernst can help you take life to the next level.  Confidential sessions are held by live video call on your device. Schedule your free appointment at a time you choose below on this page.

Weight Loss Coaching

If you're ready to transform into the body you always wanted, so you can gain health, energy and feel good about yourself, now is the perfect time. Many of us use food as a way to connect with family and friends, deal with stress, for pleasure and to comfort ourselves.

Maybe you feel like you've already tried everything to lose weight--lowfat, lowcarb, paleo, diet books, therapy, hypnosis, even surgery. Weight Coach Julie Ernst will show you a healthy solution you haven't tried.

Schedule a free appointment to find out how to change your relationship with food so you can lose weight and feel great. You don't need willpower. There's no counting calories/points/macros. No need to sacrifice pleasure or interactions with others. You don't need complicated recipes or time-consuming meal plans. In fact, you can spend less time than you do now thinking about and preparing food.

Learn to eliminate drama about what to eat, what you ate and stop beating yourself up. It's not a fad or a diet. You can lose weight and keep it off forever. It will change your life. Divorce is the perfect time to transform your life and get the body you always wanted. You'll feel more confident and wish you had done it sooner. For a limited time, for a limited number of clients, weight loss coaching is free. Schedule your free appointment today, below on this page.